Incident Preparedness

Design, Conduct, Evaluate and Improve


EXRSIM, an incorporated business, founded on military qualifications, certifications and experience.

An Exercise and Incident Command System compatible software to meet your training and real world needs.

EXRSIM was designed to address these challenges by providing a robust toolset to make preparedness planning easy and effective.

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Most organizations tabletop and exercise various scenarios on a regular basis. Challenges arise when it is time to track and apply previous exercise results to the next exercise and track the progress of corrective actions.

The data is sometimes lost and people change in the organization leading to a loss in continuity and the failure to apply the lessons learned from previous iterations.

EXRSIM was designed to address these challenges by providing a robust toolset to make preparedness planning easy and effective.


Whether you are preparing for your annually mandated training or planning solutions for new risks to your organization, the EXRSIM platform will help you organize and progress to an optimum solution.

EXRSIM is an integrated software solution that allows you to design, conduct, evaluate and continually improve your exercise with a comprehensive lessons learned module, an after action reporting generator and corrective action tracker.

Prepare with EXRSIM, respond in confidence.

Built in framework

A guided 360 Degree process helps you plan, execute and analyze the effectivness of your preparedness procedures and the performance of members of your organization. Identify risks to your organization, create engaging scenarios using a proven formula:

  • Identify Risks
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Use HIRA - Hazard Idendification Risk Assessment
  • Design a program
  • Conduct the program
  • Evaluate the outcome
  • Improve your exercise
  • Take corrective action
  • Track and report progress

unique features

EXRSIM provides unique tools for drills, tabletop and full scale operational exercises including:

  • Exercise program management
  • Team builder and Role Assignment
  • Finance tracking
  • Policy assignment
  • Geospatial objects
  • Realtime Weather
  • Event creation
  • Injection tracking
  • Evaluation and Lessons Learned analysis
  • After Action reporting
  • Improvement Planning
  • Incident Command System compatible

instant access to your information

EXRSIM stores all of your risks, mitigations, objectives, scenarios, injections, actions, evaluations and reports in one location for quick and easy access. All of the stored objects act as reusable building blocks that are easily implimented in your next exercise.

analyze and track your progress

EXRSIM provides powerful analysis and after action reporting features so you know what works and where challenges reside in training and procedures. This makes your exercises more effective and avoids the potential pitfalls of repeating mistakes.

Our Team

Our EXRSIM team consists of individuals who have the military qualifications, experience and operational background to meet your demands. With knowledge of the indepth Lessons Learned process and ICS level 400 certification, we can assist you in your exercise creation, development and execution needs.

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We are dedicated to providing Professional Emergency Design, Conduct, Evaluation and ICS compatible software for all organizations in order to facilitate a continual proactive approach to emergency preparedness.

Prepare with EXRSIM, respond in confidence.

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