360° coverage

with a wide range of unique features for exercise development, execution and analysis.


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EXRSIM provides 360° coverage with a wide range of unique features for exercise development, execution and analysis.

Identifying Risks

Understanding the problem is the key to proper exercise development

Mitigate Risks

Create and assign solutions to identified risks

Create Objectives

Create and assign objectives to any exercise object to keep the scenario relavant

Team Management

Build your team(s) and establish Lines of Communication

Assets and Expenses

Keep an inventory of your assets and manage your expenses


Assign objectives, policies and procedures to your exercise


Get comments on your exercise from your participants to help develop more engaging exercises.

Interactive Timeline

Provide an interactive overview of your exercise

Object Repository

Create, store, modify and reuse key exercise objects to save time and provide continuity in exercise delivery

Create a Program

Build your program to contain drills, tabletops and exercises


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Conduct drills, tabletop and full scale operational exercises using EXRSIM's unique tools.


Create engaging chapters in your exercise timeline with the event manager


Add automated or real time injections to your Events to engage participants to take action.

Participant Actions

Track and evaluate the actions your exercise participants take.

Time Line

Watch your exercise unfold and track the actions of participants using the EXRSIM time line.


Display real time information on multiple monitors or projectors.

Responsive Interface

EXRSIM is responsive and displays on almost any device.

Exercise Execution

Continue your exercise until a saitisfactory and/or a logical conclusion has been established

Reuseable Scenerios

Your exercise timeline can be replayed again to ensure the policies, procedures and confidence is locked in

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See where procedures fail and at what point changes need to be made.

Lessons Learned

Evaluate Lessons Learned and apply them to your next exercise for a 360 degree connection and continued improvement.


Rate and track your teams actions to find deficiencies in policies and procedures.

After Action Reporting

Generate an in depth after action report on the outcome of your exercise.


Evaluate your exercise events to see how they exercise your objectives.

Follow Up Tasks

Create follow up tasks for exercise participants and get details on how the tasks were completed.

Corrective Actions

Assign and apply corrective actions to your exercise conduct and participants.

Participant Comments

Get feed back on the conduct and effectivness of your exercise with participant comments.


Immediate overview of your evaluation results with an integrated dashboard


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Maintain Command and Control with a compatible ICS platform.

Organization Chart

All of your Commanders, Chiefs and Leaders automatically loaded in Operations, Planning, Logistics and Fin/Admin.


Assign Objectives, Strategies and Tactics in sequential order.

Situational Awareness

Complete awareness via organization, geospatial mapping and realtime weather.


ICS Series 200 forms fed by information already in records.

Lessons Learned

Create Lessons Learned as an integral part of your incident. Record observations and actions to improvement.


Single View dashboard to keep the Incident Commander well informed.

Multiple Display

The system can be configured for multiple displays for a true operations centric environment.


Expandable and easy to navigate for all of your ICS needs.
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