Incident Preparedness Software

designed for your exercise
respond with your Incident Command System.

Oil and Gas Industry

Simulate pipeline ruptures, oil rig fires and gas leaks with EXRSIM.

First Responders

EXRSIM provides an easy to use and portable cross platform interface that can be taken in the field.

Enforcement and Security

Use EXRSIM to practice and drill situations on civil disorder or crowd control.


Simulate everything from mass casualty scenarios to pandemics with EXRSIM

Energy Sector

Simulate power grid failures, dam ruptures or approaching ice storms with EXRSIM.

RAIL Operators

EXRSIM provides an easy to use and portable cross platform interface that can be taken in the field.

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Read our white paper "The evolution of exercise planning".

fire fighting

Use EXRSIM to drill your crews on various situations as a First Responder.

Communities, muncipalities, cities and towns

With EXRSIM, set up a Command Center to centrally control your resources, manpower and directions.

flooding events

Use the geospatial capabilities to track staging areas, resources and affected areas.


Use EXRSIM to brainstorm, tabletop and execute exercises at your home base or while deployed.


Maximize EXRSIM's multi-display capability to input Events and Injections.


EXRSIM can function well with the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) at your community, county and provincial levels.

about us

We are dedicated to providing Professional Emergency Design, Conduct, Evaluation and ICS compatible software for all organizations in order to facilitate a continual proactive approach to emergency preparedness.

Prepare with EXRSIM, respond in confidence.


    Explore the transition of exercise development into the digital realm with EXRSIM.

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